• Ozone Systems


    Ozone is the special form of oxygen obtained when air subjected to very high voltage electric current. Ozone is a strong disinfectant used in drinking water for improving the taste, color or odor, treating the bacteria and viruses, removing the organic substances, micro-pollutants, oxidation of iron and manganese. These systems are very suitable for high-capacity plants.


  • UV Disinfection Systems


    Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems inactivate microorganisms in water without the addition of any chemical or oxidant. Low-pressure mercury lamp in a glass case gives UV rays to water. Thus, structures of DNA and RNA of microorganisms alters, becoming ineffective. Chemical composition and flavor of the water does not change. Ultraviolet lamps should be changed once a year after 9000 hours of use approximately.


  • Chemical Dosing Systems


    Chlorine Dosage Systems oxidize ele-ments like nitrite, iron, manganese and for disinfect bacterias and viruses. Ch-lorine dosage systems are designed as flow-controlled or redox-controlled. Pump is choosen up to the capacity that needs disinfection. Chlorine dosage systems are available Standard type, ORP Control and Flow Control models.


  • Dosage Systems



    Dosage is adjusted manually. Chemical dosage quantity is adjusted by the stock value written on pump. Different kinds of fluids can be used by this pump like other dosage pumps.


    ORP-pH Control system adjusts chlorine dosage by measuring chlorine quantity in water. Depending on the pH value, dosage quantity is adjusted. In addition to the dosage pump and control panel, electrode and electrode cover are also present.


    Flow controlled dosage systems adjust dosage quantity

    depending o the flow of water. It works with a counter

    which is connected to a dosage pump. Counter gives a signal

    to the pump to dose the chemical in required amount. 



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